Class NCRejection

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    public class NCRejection
    extends org.apache.nlpcraft.common.NCException
    Exception to indicate that user input cannot be processed as is. This exception can be thrown from intent callbacks.

    This exception typically indicates that user has not provided enough information in the input string to have it processed automatically. In most cases this means that the user's input is either too short or too simple, too long or too complex, missing required context, or unrelated to requested data model.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • NCRejection

        public NCRejection​(String msg)
        Creates new rejection exception with given message.
        msg - Rejection message.
      • NCRejection

        public NCRejection​(String msg,
                           Throwable cause)
        Creates new rejection exception with given message and cause.
        msg - Rejection message.
        cause - Cause of this exception.